LubricorWestChem offers several specialty cleaners that are specifically used in the machining sector.  Our focus is on operator safety and effectiveness.


Ecoclean MC
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Ecoclean MC is a alkaline-detergent Machine and Sump Cleaner.

ECOCLEAN MC is a blend of fast acting wetting agents, rust inhibitors, biocides and chelating agents.

ECOCLEAN MC can be used to clean central systems, individual machine sumps, tanks and coolant lines. ECOCLEAN MC can be added on top of existing fluid in the machine sump.  It is added to the tank and machining can still be completed for over 24 hours prior to dumping.

  • Kills Bacteria and Other Microrganisms – Allows the freshly charged metalworking fluid to get off to a good fresh, clean start without bacterial infection.
  • Removes Hard water Soaps – Cleans all outside machine surfaces and internal lines. Breaks up metal deposits.
  • Superior Detergent Properties – Prevents re-deposition of metals and dirt in machines and central systems.
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Ecoclean Purple
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Ecoclean Purple is a high performance floor cleaning specifically formulated for machine shops and manufacturers.

It is designed for use on concrete floors and is effective on oils, grease, rubber skid marks, and other common industrial floor soils. ECOCLEAN PURPLE is especially effective in floor scrubbers.

ECOCLEAN PURPLE is designed to provide fast drying. ECOCLEAN PURPLE cleans and seals concrete by building up a clear, protective coating which is non‐slippery.

  • 100% fireproof, while emitting no toxic fumes
  • Non‐abrasive and effective in cold and hot water
  • Reduces scrubbing and rinsing with excellent wetting
  • Low‐foaming
  • Can be applied by mop, brush, soak tank, spray, pressure sprayer, or floor scrubbing machines
  • Concentrated liquid designed to reduce freight costs


Rustop Remove 712
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Rustop Remove 712 is an environmentally friendly and non-hazardous rust remover.

It can be used in immersion, recirculating spray and manual spray wand to remove the following items:

  • Rust
  • Oxides
  • Weld Smoke韩三千最新更新最新版在线观看 韩三千最新更新最新版无删 ,肉肉描写很细致的黄文在线观看 肉肉描写很细致的黄文无删
  • Oils
  • Laser Slag

This green chemistry does not require any special protective gear or disposal.

it has a Neutral pH, No VOC’s, Non Dangerous Good

Safe on brass, copper, aluminum, gold, lead, titanium